Key Questions for Market Success

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What do the Key Questions for Market Success contain?
The key questions for market success  is a content series on social media platforms addressing incremental drivers for value enhancing growth, which are elaborated in the book Internationaler Markterfolg. In analogy to the book they build up on each other step by step and provide guidance throughout all stages of a company’s journey towards market success: from the growth-driving fundamental entrepreneurial decisions at the beginning of the journey through the development and implementation of strategic and operational action concepts for superior value-enhancing growth to the successful execution in daily customer interactions. This way they represent a highly qualified insight to essential conclusions of Internationaler Markterfolg.

What kind of questions will be typically addressed?
Typical examples for the nature of the ‘Key Questions for Market Success’ are such as …

  • Do companies need to grow?
  • What does growth mean, and what risks does it entail?
  • What are the four fundamental entrepreneurial pillars for growth?
  • What is true meaning of market share, and position leads to the highest profitability?
  • What strategies do global growth champions pursue?
  • What are the most commonly used organic growth strategies by market leaders?

When and where will the Key Questions for Market Success be published ?
Starting from June 7, 2023, they will be launched on a regular weekly basis each Saturday at 11:00 AM on LinkedIn. Additionally you can find them on Prof. Dr. Frank Gebert’s Homepage at

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