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Prof. Dr. Frank Gebert

Prof. Dr. Frank Gebert: Professional Career Milestones

Prof. Dr. Frank Gebert has held positions as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, carrying responsibility over decades for the development of market-leading international corporations. Important career positions included Bertelsmann, Boston Consulting Group, Eternit, Altana, Raab Karcher Baustoffe, Weru and Alno. His responsibility scope covered corporations up to a turnover of 2.5 billion EUR and 8,500 employees. His work was focused on the strategic development of companies, growth and efficiency management of operations as well as international joint ventures and cooperations with focus on the whole of Europe, the Middle East and China.

Prof. Dr. Gebert works as a professor at SRH University Heidelberg for more than 10 years, focussing on International Market Management, Strategic Development and Sales. He was a program director of the MBA Sales Management program,  a member of the faculty council as well as the faculty‘s examination committee. At the same time, he initiated and founded the annual congress event ‘Vertriebsforum Rhein-Neckar‘ for market executives and students.

In October 2021, Prof. Dr. Gebert, together with his partner Markus Milz, published the bestseller ‘Das Vertriebskompendium: Entscheiderwissen aus der Praxis für die Praxis‘, which reached top positions in Amazon’s list of best-selling new releases and specialized books. His second consecutive book, ‘Internationaler Markterfolg – Wachstum im globalen Wettbewerb’ has been released in spring 2023.

As a management advisor, Prof. Dr. Gebert supports selected national and international medium-sized companies as well as entrepreneurial startups in the strategic and operational development of their businesses.

Before starting his business and academic career, Frank Gebert made a career as a professional athlet in tennis. He reached the finals of the Wimbledon junior tournament, won 15 national and international championships and played in various national teams for Germany. Frank Gebert was positioned as No. 42 of the tennis professionals’ world ranking.

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