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Springer Gabler Internationaler Markterfolg

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Springer Gabler Internationaler Markterfolg
What does the book contain? The book, “International Market Success,” addresses the key concepts, methods and tools for developing and implementing entrepreneurial growth in global competition, from fundamental business decisions and strategies to their practical instrumentalization and implementation in the market, considering the interests and needs of customers in competition within a competitive surrounding. World wide established economic theories and models, best practice strategies of superior global market leaders and insights from the  world’s top executive consulting companies are combined to a holistic orientation system for building and realizing sustainable competitive advantage in international markets and value maximization in practice. Hereby the comprehensive competence of the author as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of international market leading companies provides additional insights to strategic and operational corporate management , gives a clear perspective on all success driving items and provides valuable practice oriented advocacy regarding the laid out theories, models strategic concepts and operational tools. The managerial guiding system for long-term value-oriented market success in international competition outlines a transparent, clearly defined path for companies and their responsible leaders to achieve competitive growth. This entrepreneurial path is structured into sequentially interconnected, iterative stages:
  • Pillars for entrepreneurial growth.
  • Growth as a success factor of corporate development.
  • Key divers of organic growth.
If successful, the laid out stages lead to the ultimate goal of a market-oriented economic organization: Long-term sustainable value maximization through sustainable competitive advantage in the market.


1  Business organization: General understanding and principles
2  Corporate development 
3  Determination of business  
4  Competitive positioning 
5  Mission Statement  
6  Corporate target system 
7  Strategic business development 
8  Business model  
9 Case Study: From business innovator to business model innovation


10     Business development and growth  
11     Growth and market share
12  Market share and profitability
13  Growth of champions
14    Executive playbook : Orientation compass for corporate growth


15  Navigation system for global growth management
16  Market segmentation
17  Instruments of market policy: Marketing
18  Growth drivers of offering policy: Branding
19  Growth drivers of offering policy: Innovation
20  Growth drivers of offering policy: Pricing
21  International market development
22  Sales: Ultimate lever for market success
23  Sales force as responsible determinant for revenues and growth
24  Digital market transformation

Whom is the book for, and what purpose does it serve?

The book addresses all those who are interested in sustainable value creation in business and companies through superior management of markets and customers in international competition and wish to further develop their competence in entrepreneurship, strategy and operations. This includes entrepreneurs, founders and executives in all industries, trade and services companies, international sales and business people, policymakers and stakeholders in national and global economies. Last but not least: Students, the business professionals of the future.

The book “Internationaler Markterfolg” aims to make a substantial contribution to performance superiority of present and future decision-makers in the global world of business. Thereby the book supports the strategic, economic and commercial success of companies in global markets on one hand  and on the other hand the personal success of individuals in their professional and private development

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Target group and purpose

Springer Gabler Internationaler Markterfolg

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Springer Gabler Internationaler Markterfolg

What makes the book special?

Internationaler Markterfolg intends to distinguish itself from the multitude of existing excellent business literature by providing a holistic guiding system for sustainable competitive superiority in a global market place. For this aspiration a comprehensive knowledge fund for value oriented growth achievement in real-world business has been collected and evaluated.

It connects established scientific economic theories and models with real-world best practice examples from global market leaders in their daily battle for customers and markets and with the insights and experiences of the world’s top executive consulting companies and create in a unique, methodologically extraordinary way a platform for performance superiority in international markets :

  • Transforming the internal business transaction process into a holistic consistent guiding system for competitively superior market management: From fundamental entrepreneurial decisions to the development of growth-driving market strategies and instrumental sales concepts to their successful implementation in real-world’s day-to-day business of penetrating markets, ousting competition and personal selling, offline and online.
  • Utilizing and applying theory-driven business and management models from the classical economics and combining them with the expertise of the world’s leading consulting firms: From Borden, Drucker, Gutenberg, Maslow and Porter to Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Bain, A.T. Kearney, Price Waterhouse Coopers, etc..
  • Analytical and conceptual examination of the success strategies of exceptionally fast-growing international market leaders and their best-practice methods and tools in operational sales: From Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google, and Microsoft to Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola, Caterpillar, Disney, Procter & Gamble, Mercedes, Toyota, Shell, Starbucks, etc..

In addition: The deep experience of the author as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of international market leading companies provides additional insights to strategic and operational corporate management, gives a clear perspective on all success driving items and provides valuable practice oriented advocacy regarding the laid out theories, model, strategic concepts and operational processes and tools.

What benefits does the book provide?

The book provides a comprehensive orientation, decision-making and management system for achieving sustainable competitive dominance of companies and their leaders in the fight for customers and markets within a global competitive environment. Fact-based, practical, strategic and operational concepts for superior market penetration and competitive advantages are compiled into a holistic, integrated guiding system for achieving defensible market and sales success in international competition, from the highest level of entrepreneurial action to successful selling in direct analog and digital customer interactions.

In the case of success, economic organizations benefit from this work through sustainable competitive superiority in the international market landscape, resulting in sustained growth strength and an outstanding market position. The company’s market strength becomes an accelerator for increased performance efficiency, thereby establishing a foundation for long-term value maximization.

The responsible performance drivers of a company experiencing above-average growth in the market derive personal benefits from the supported market success, opening up substantial potential advantages for them. These benefits may include accelerated career development, increased income and wealth, social recognition, access to influential and prominent social groups, and opportunities for personal self-improvement and growth in all desired areas.

Overall, the book aims to equip both organizations and their responsible leaders with the necessary knowledge, instruments and tools to achieve competitive advantages in the international marketplace, leading to long-term growth and profitability for the company, and personal success for the individual achievers.

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Springer Gabler Internationaler Markterfolg

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Springer Gabler Internationaler Markterfolg

What is the character imprint of the book?

The book Internationaler Markterfolg is characterized by its content and values, which support performance superiority in the management of international markets within the global competition. It provides a holistic scientifically based, best practice driven guiding system with a clear focus on the sustainable growth success of companies and their stakeholders in daily business operations. The book offers a factually defined and adaptable orientation compass that stems from the synergistic combination of

  • … theory-based knowledge competence from the most esteemed economists, …
  • … best-practice behavior of internationally successful market leaders across all industries, …
  • … the wealth of experience accumulated over decades by the world’s top consulting firms, …
  • … deep business and management competence due to the author’s international top executive business experience, completed by an extensive career in scientific education.

Internationaler Markterfolg as  management orientation system covers all relevant areas of action for the market success of a company and its responsible executives and employees. Due to their interdepending relationship all success drivers are comprehensively considered in one integrated homogeneous holistic approach and guiding model. It ranges from entrepreneurial, strategic, and operational action and decision-making fields to direct sales situations with customers and prospects in both analog and digital distribution channels as ultimate lever for revenue, growth and value creation.

The book’s character is shaped by its comprehensive and practical approach, drawing on the expertise of renowned economists, successful market leaders and leading consulting firms. It aims to provide a reliable and adaptable framework for achieving market success and sustainable growth in the practical reality of the dynamic and competitive landscape of international markets.

What is essence of the book?

The essence of the book is a comprehensive guiding system for market and growth success in the global competition, serving as a lever for outstanding and sustainable value creation for companies as economic organizations and their responsible stakeholders who benefit from it in a personal way.

Internationaler Markterfolg in summary …

  • … shows the path to international market success through superior growth in global competition:
         From C-Level to Sales;
  • … maximizes value for companies and performance driving individuals.

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Springer Gabler Internationaler Markterfolg

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