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Sales Compendium
– Executives‘ expertise: From practice for practice –

Das Vertriebskompendium

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What does the book contain?

The Sales Compendium reflects best practice strategies and concepts from the field: Seventy business owners, founders, senior executives of companies, and specialized management consultants share their most successful sales concepts in international competition. Across industries, expert knowledge from decision-makers and responsible individuals for achieving superior sales performance and customer strategies in practice is collected and presented as success concepts for the daily battle for contracts and customers in the business environment.

It provides decision-makers with knowledge for sales success in international competition, derived from practical experience for practical application. The Sales Compendium discusses the following areas of sales market development:

– Mission, Vision, and Values: The guiding principles
– Strategy: Key factors, internationalization, network management, customer segmentation, cross-selling    models, service as a value factor, pricing
– Core sales processes: Acquiring new customers, selling, and negotiating
– Structures & Systems: Organization, personnel, leadership & control
– Sales & change processes

Who is the Sales Compendium for, and what purpose does it serve?

The Sales Compendium is intended for today’s and tomorrow’s market managers: executives and performance managers of companies of all sizes with a focus on the market and customers, as well as students interested in sales-oriented development.

What makes the Sales Compendium special, and what are its benefits?

The Sales Compendium presents pragmatic sales and selling strategies, their operational implementation, and content management from an authentic practical perspective. It provides an authentic resource for sales and selling success in daily interactions with customers in various industries and market segments. It serves as an experiential and creative platform for developing effective business market and customer strategies. In successful cases, existing customer potentials are better utilized, and new ones are unlocked.

The editors: Prof. Dr. Frank Gebert, Markus Milz

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